Preparing Your Boat For The Summer Season

Preparing Your Boat For The Summer Season

With summer right around the corner, there are some steps you should take when preparing your boat.  Whether you are fishing or swimming all summer, preparing your boat is always a good idea. Now, if you are looking to sell your boat this spring or summer, contact the experts at Sell Us Your Boat. We offer fair deals for used boats and watercraft. We are looking for all types; fishing, center console, speed boats big and small.

Steps For Preparing Your Boat

The first step is to inspect all your safety equipment. Start with your life vests. Make sure the stitching is good and they are in good shape. Also, make sure you have enough for each passenger that would be on your boat. Then check to make sure you have a fire extinguisher and that it is the right class. Also, if you have an enclosed area make sure to have a functioning carbon monoxide detector. Finally, make sure to have an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon in the event you get lost at sea.

The second step in preparing your boat is maintenance. Inspect hatches, fittings, and portlights. Make sure to test your GPS and VHF antenna as well. Make sure to examine props for any distortion or damage. Next move to the engine, change the oil and check all fluid levels. Also, make sure to check air and fuel filters, replace them is necessary.  The third step is to check the exterior of the boat.

Remove the tarp if your boat is still docked. Wash down areas and inspect the hull for any damage. You may also choose to wax your boat as well. Marine paste wax will give your boat a nice shine. To help combat the summer heat, protectants, where needed, will help. When it comes to maintaining your boat, make sure to do a regular maintenance inspection every month.

Selling This Summer

If you are looking to sell a boat this summer then Sell Us Your Boat is your answer. It is quick and easy to sell to us. Fill out our easy form, then we will contact you with a great offer. Once accepted, we will issue a check and arrange to pick up the boat from you. It is just that simple!

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