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Sell Your Personal Watercraft Vehicle in Florida

Sell Your Personal Watercraft Vehicle in FloridaIt’s that time of year again in Florida when the weather teeters between too cold and just warm enough to be out on the water. While boats are out, many people are finding it a little too cool to ride their watercraft vehicles (PWC). Instead of neglecting your Sea-doo or Jet Ski by putting it in storage, sell your personal watercraft vehicle to Sell Us Your Boat! Whether you are interested in selling your watercraft vehicle to buy a new one or just to make some extra cash at the end of the year, we can help you. We make the online selling process as easy as possible. Just fill out a free quote and receive a great offer for your vehicle! 

Sell Your Sea-doo or Jet Ski in Florida

There are many different types of PWCs in the industry but two of the most popular types are Sea-doos and Jet Skis. Sea-Doos are sit-down vehicles that are ideal for recreation. Unlike their jet ski counterparts, they are known for their low speeds and minimal comfort. They’re also much cheaper than top jet ski brands such as Kawasaki or  Yamaha. Furthermore, they’re often considered to be a great choice for beginners due to their relatively low speeds and minimal comfort.

Meanwhile, jet skis are stand-up PWC vehicles ideal for extreme sports and fun. They are known for their high speeds, maneuverability, and control, as well as quality performance. Jet skis are comfortable and fun, but may be expensive.

PWCs are incredibly fun to take out on the water in the summer. But it’s too cold to be exposed to the high winds, cold mists, and chilly waters associated with the ride when winter comes around. Don’t let your Sea-doo or jet ski depreciate in the corner of your garage all winter. Sell your watercraft vehicle to Sell Us Your Boat this winter and get some cash in your pocket today!

Need Extra Cash For The Holidays

Sell your used boat for the holidays!The holidays are fast approaching and here at Sell Us Your Boat, we are gearing up for the winter boat sales rush! The end of the year is a great time to sell your boat online in order to have extra cash for the holidays. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s are all right around the corner. We like to help people sell their used boats before the holidays every year, and this year is no exception. Reach out this holiday season for a free online quote from Sell Us Your Boat! It’s a quick, easy, and hassle-free way of ensuring you have extra cash in your pocket before the holidays. 

Sell Your Used Boat For Cash During The Holidays!

Whether you’re ready to hang up your captain’s hat for good or are just looking to save some space during winter storage, selling your boat can be a great option during the colder months. Especially for boat-owners in the Northeast, boat use in winter is rare and storage costs can become expensive during long months. Purging things that drain money from your life can be a healthy habit. Don’t let the value of your boat depreciate in storage. Sell it this holiday season to get some extra cash in your pocket. If you’re ready to be rid of the maintenance and cost your boat accumulates, we can help. Moreover, if you don’t want to deal with the stress of owning a boat any longer, you can sell it to us! 

Get Cash For Your Used Boat This Fall!

We know this time of year is stressful and having to deal with selling a used boat on top of that only makes things more difficult. That’s why we made a simple and easy system for selling your used boat. Simply fill in our easy online quote form and tell us all about your boat. Our process is free, easy to use, and quick for a hassle-free sale. Best of all, we will come to you at your earliest convenience to pick up your boat and complete the deal. We travel all over the United States from New England all the way to Florida and California. Here at Sell Us Your Boat, we buy all types of boats such as all-purpose fishing boats, walk-arounds, and center consoles from 2010 or newer. Contact us today and get the process started! 

Best Way to Sell Your Jet Ski

Best Way to Sell Your Jet Ski

Sell Us Your Boat is the best way to sell your jet ski! 

Driving a Personal Watercraft can be a thrilling and fun experience. PWC as they are known, allow riders to zip across the water, enjoying the summer sun and cool water. If you cannot afford a traditional boat, these watercraft are the perfect alternative. As a result, there is always a demand for Jet Skis, Waverunners, and Sea-Doos. But what is the best way to sell your jet ski?

Preparing to Sell Your Jet Ski

If you are planning to sell your used watercraft, there are a few things that you should have prepared before looking for a buyer. First of all, you need to find all the necessary documents. This includes:

  • Bill of sale
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Title
  • Proof of loan payoff
  • Trailer documents

In addition to these documents, you need to check the state of your PWC to see if it’s capable of running properly and if the features are intact. After you test the watercraft’s functionality, you should polish and clean your jet ski. It also might be a good time to do some initial research into your jet ski’s model and what the average price is for resale.

Sell Your PWC With Ease

If you are selling a used jet ski, there are only a few options. Some dealerships are willing to buy used Personal Watercraft. While selling to a dealership may seem easy, you’ll need to take it to them where they might not buy it or offer you too little.  The other option is to sell privately. Selling privately can be a hassle. In addition to advertising, there are meetings, negotiating prices, arranging pickup or delivery, and handling paperwork. Not to mention having to deal with test drives and other issues when closing a deal. Fortunately, you can sell your PWC with ease and avoid all of these hassles with a free quote request and a quick call from Sell Us Your Boat!

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