All Purpose Fishing Boats

All purpose fishing boat

Features of an All Purpose Fishing Boat

What makes a good all purpose fishing boat? Is it their stability? The versatility? Or is it all the extra add ons that any avid angler would love? Depending on you and your fishing needs it could be any of these things. One thing’s for sure though, if you need a boat that can help you up your fishing game, this is the one to go for.

These boats are known for their versatility and design that keeps the angler’s needs in mind. They are generally characterized by their deep angled hull and their sides which are higher than other types of fishing boats. These boats sit higher up in the water (as compared to a bass boat which is low to the water) which is why they can handle rougher waters and when you get the big catch of the day. Good for salt and fresh water, these boats are a good all around fishing boat for any angler.  Some of the fancy add-ons include rod holders, trolling motors, rod lockers, and bait wells.  Generally these boats run from 8ft – 24ft and can only hold upto 8 people at the max, which might be a little cramped depending on the boat.  

If you feel ready to upgrade your boating experience with a little more room, or the ability to take an overnight fishing trip, we can help. We are in the market of buying and selling boats and we are interested in your all purpose fishing vessels. All you you have to do is fill out our free online form and tell us about your boat, and we’ll come back with a price. No hassle, no run around, just as easy at 1-2-3.  We arrange for pick up and all the other details, we know you have more important things to do.