Walk Around Boats

Walkaround Boats

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Walk Around Boat

Some of the benefits of having this recess:

  • Safe access to the front of the boat
  • Makes accessing the bow (front) of the boat for docking much easier
  • A place passengers can occupy without having to crawl
  • Gives you 360 degrees of fishing area

These boats aren’t without compromise though, some of the drawbacks of having the walk around:

  • recess that is created on this boat will take away from any cabin space you may want
  • If you want a bigger cabin, you will have to compromise with less deck space
  • Creates less space for extra add ons
  • Gives you 360 degrees of fishing area

For some these factors can be a deal breaker for their current boat, which can leave you in a tough position.

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