Sea Pro

Sea Pro

The Sea Pro is an older model boat that has been recently reinvigorated by the original owner Jimmy Hancock. The Sea Pro is now available in seven new models. These center console saltwater fishing boats are built in South Carolina. Also, as well as center console models, Sea Pro has a Bay Series boats as well.

Bay boats differ some from a center console boat. Both do have the controls located in the center of the boat. But, Bay Boats differ from the Center Console boats because Center Console boats have higher sides. Because of the higher sides, it makes Canter Console Boats more desirable for greater distances away from shore with choppier seas.

Features of a Sea Pro Bay Boat:

  • Step up for Casting Deck
  • Folding Jump Seats
  • Visible Casting Deck

Sea Pro Boats A Fisherman’s Choice

The 219 Deep V CC boat from Sea Pro is a great choice for any fisherman. One of the best features or benefits of this boat is the 10-year transferable hull warranty. It is always nice to have apiece of mind like that. Another great feature is the large insulated fishbox, to hold all your large fish. Also, other features include, folding seat, Polk Audio system, and custom leaning post.

At Sell Us Your Boat, we are always looking to purchase used Sea Pro boats. Whether it is a Center Console or a Bay Boat we are interested. We buy from all over the south, from South Carolina to Florida. Simply fill out our form today and we will respond with an offer for your used boat. Once the price is agreed upon we will arrange to pick up of the boat and issue you a check.

Finally, no matter if your boat is a Center Console or a Bay Boat we will buy it today!