Monthly Archives: April 2016

Spring Cleaning

No matter if you are a boat owner in Michigan, Florida or anywhere in-between, you will eventually need to clean your boat! In Michigan, storing your boat all winter can take some toll on your boat and you may find the need to clean it and wax it before heading to the lake. Florida boat owners may need to clean your boat much more often due to the fact it is always out and in the elements all year long. Having a clean well maintained boat, will always help with the resale value.

One of the first tips for boat cleaning, especially if you are a fisherman, is to clean your live-wells. Livewells are used to to store bait and fish on many fishing boats. Cleaning a livewell you should use non-toxic products. Using harsh chemicals such as bleach or other harsh chemicals could kill any fish you store in there in the future. One cleaning trick many use, is baking soda and water, with just a few tablespoons of baking soda and some hot water you can scrub most of the build up and smell right out.

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