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If you live in Florida or the surrounding states, the best place to sell your used boat is at Sell Us Your Boat. You will get a great offer for your boat.

Prepare Your Boat This Spring In Florida

Spring Boating in FloridaSpring is nearly here which means it’s time to tune up your boat and get it back on the water! Marinas all over the state of Florida is becoming more active and hectic in the face of warmer weather. Everyone wants to get back on the water as soon as possible. As such, boat owners all throughout the South are starting to clean their boats to make them ready for the waves. Whether you are excited about the boating season or looking to sell, Sell Us Your Boat can help you this spring!

Get Your Boat Ready This Spring

Boat owners have a lot to look forward to in the spring. From de-winterizing boats and getting them ready to go out on the water to baseball spring training, there is a lot going on this season. 

Before doing anything, you should de-winterize your boat. This ensures that your boat is safe and ready to use during the boating season after a long winter. Make sure you check the engine, fuel pump, and battery to ensure everything is in working order. Also, you should do some general maintenance and a clean-up before taking it out on the water. Then, you should find a marina to dock your boat. Securing a spot in the spring is the best time as space fills up quickly at the Florida docks.

Baseball Spring Training takes place in Jupiter, Florida this year so if you’re storing a boat at a marina in that area, you may see some Miami Marlins or St. Louis Cardinals out on the water! Some marinas in the area include; the Jupiter Yacht Club Marina, The Bluffs Marina, and the Loggerhead Marina.  Make a point to check out some of these marinas and the many boats that are docked there! 

Sell Us Your Boat in Florida

With the coming of warm weather comes a high demand for boats. The market heats up as the weather gets warmer which makes spring the best time to sell your boat. many people are looking to buy before the summer months to enjoy a longer boating season. Whether you’re in Jupiter for Spring Training or across the state relaxing in Fort Myers, you may be interested in selling your boat. We are interested in buying used fishing boats, center consoles, and walkarounds of any brand or model. Contact us today for a free quote and see what we can do for you!

We Buy Damaged Boats!

We Buy Damaged Boats!

In the aftermath of hurricane Ian, there are damaged boats all over Florida. Insurance and inspectors will take a long time to make it out to see your damage considering how busy they will be. Contact Sell Us Your Boat today to get the cash you need to help you rebuild after the storm.

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Damaged Boats and Property

Hurricane Ian caused billions of dollars in damage. Cars, homes, and boats were all destroyed in the wake of this powerful storm.  Labeled as the “Big One” this storm was labeled a category 4 storm.  Winds reached up to 145 miles per hour and record rainfall hit Florida as well.  Also, the storm left almost 2.3 million people without power.

In Orlando, there were more than 250 water rescues due to inland flooding.  Even amusement parks were flooded with up to about 4 feet of water.

The Storm Does Not Discriminate

Million-dollar yachts and boats of all levels were destroyed throughout the state.  Boats were tossed onto dry land and even between buildings.  Also, the damage left behind will take years to recover from.  To help in the recovery, Sell US Your Boat will buy damaged boats.

We are offering cash for slightly damaged boats. When applying for a quote make sure to be as detailed as possible with good pictures so we can provide you with an accurate quote.  The more detailed you are the better.  To start the process fill out the quote form, then we will respond to your submission.  in addition, we will arrange to pick up the boat and issue you a check. Keep in mind due to the conditions of the roads it may take longer than usual.

Finally, we hope everyone is safe and sound.

Boating and Bad Weather

Boating and Bad Weather

What to watch out for before bad weather strikes

Bad Weather can change quickly and when you’re on a boat this matters. Thunderstorms, strong winter cold fronts, and large waves should cause any experienced sailor to be on alert. You have to keep your head up and pay attention to your surroundings and make sure that any changes in the weather won’t turn deadly. In Florida, you need to pay extra attention because the weather can change so rapidly. The best way to avoid potentially deadly weather conditions is to follow the following helpful suggestions:

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