We Buy Damaged Boats!

We Buy Damaged Boats!

In the aftermath of hurricane Ian, there are damaged boats all over Florida. Insurance and inspectors will take a long time to make it out to see your damage considering how busy they will be. Contact Sell Us Your Boat today to get the cash you need to help you rebuild after the storm.

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Damaged Boats and Property

Hurricane Ian caused billions of dollars in damage. Cars, homes, and boats were all destroyed in the wake of this powerful storm.  Labeled as the “Big One” this storm was labeled a category 4 storm.  Winds reached up to 145 miles per hour and record rainfall hit Florida as well.  Also, the storm left almost 2.3 million people without power.

In Orlando, there were more than 250 water rescues due to inland flooding.  Even amusement parks were flooded with up to about 4 feet of water.

The Storm Does Not Discriminate

Million-dollar yachts and boats of all levels were destroyed throughout the state.  Boats were tossed onto dry land and even between buildings.  Also, the damage left behind will take years to recover from.  To help in the recovery, Sell US Your Boat will buy damaged boats.

We are offering cash for slightly damaged boats. When applying for a quote make sure to be as detailed as possible with good pictures so we can provide you with an accurate quote.  The more detailed you are the better.  To start the process fill out the quote form, then we will respond to your submission.  in addition, we will arrange to pick up the boat and issue you a check. Keep in mind due to the conditions of the roads it may take longer than usual.

Finally, we hope everyone is safe and sound.