Where Can I Sell My Boat?

Where to sell your boatSpring and early Summer is a great time to sell your boat. People want boats by the Summer so they can get good use out of the boat on the water. Also, you can get some extra pocket money for a vacation or you can use your tax returns and money from selling to buy a new boat. Where can I sell my boat you ask?  Here are some choices to help you decide.

Where to Sell Your Boat

  • Newspaper Ads

Newspaper ads can be a good way to sell your boat. Unfortunately, there are more disadvantages than advantages. Many people don’t look in newspapers anymore because most ads are now done on the Internet. Furthermore, the advertisement can be expensive, especially if you have to keep buying a space in the paper for a while.

  • Selling your boat on Craigslist

Craigslist can be a good place to sell a boat but it can also be a hassle. You have to sort through the people who are interested or just wasting your time. And Craigslist is notorious for negotiators. They’ll try to talk you down hundreds of dollars before deciding that they don’t want the boat anyways. This isn’t the place if you want an easy way to sell.

  • Selling your boat to a Dealership

A boat dealership is always a boat seller’s first thought. They have to be the best choice, right? Wrong. Dealerships want the best deal for them so they try to underestimate the value of your boat. They are more interested in selling new boats than buying used ones. If your boat isn’t one of the models they sell, but getting a decent price is even more difficult. You might work out a trade-in type deal, however, that isn’t always the best choice. You would be better served by getting a free quote by us.

Sell Us Your Boat

If you want to know where to sell your boat that will that is quick and easy, contact us at Sell Us Your Boat today. We make the process as simple as possible for you and unlike other companies, we put you first. Just fill out a free quote and let us do the rest!