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At Sell Us Your Boat we are interested in buying used boats. If you are looking to sell your fishing boat or other boats contact us today.

Buying Boats During the Summer in Florida

buying boats in Florida this summerWhen it comes to Florida’s high temperatures during the summer months, owning a boat is a must! Nothing is better than cruising across the waves in your dream boat.  However, dream boats cost money. If your wallet is a bit light, you can sell your current boat to fund your dream boat! If you want to get your dream boat, let us help get you the cash you need because we are buying boats during the summer in Florida!

Why Sell Your Boat in the Summer?

The summer is peak boating season, making it the best time to sell your boat. The summer gives sellers a unique advantage when it comes to selling. Boating events can attract buyers who are interested in buying a new boat to show off. The weather also you to offer test drives of your boat. A test drive can seal the deal on a lot of sales!

People who are selling their boats during the summer do not have to decrease their asking price.

We are Buying Boats During the Summer in Florida!

With all of the boat shows that go on in Florida, having an eye-catching boat is a serious ego boost. If you feel that your boat was a little under par, or outdated after the last boating event you attended, we can help! We buy boats from Florida residents during the summer, and all year long! Get top dollar for your used boat, and put cash down towards your dream boat.

Every boater has their favorite type of boat that lets them feel their best on the water. Some prefer fishing boats, while others prefer speedboats, yachts, or walk-around boats. There are so many types of boats that Florida residents are buying during the summer in Florida. Let us take the hassle of posting in local or online classifieds away from you, and buy your used boat now. Simply check out the boats we buy, and fill out our free online quote form now!

Quick cash for used boats

All in all, we don’t care what you need the cash for. You may be behind on bills, hoping to take a vacation, or just want to get out of the boating world. The simple truth is, it isn’t any of our business we just want your boat and we want to give you cash. If you plan on selling your boat, contact us today! We will pay you top dollar, and come to pick up your boat.

Hassle-Free. Quick Cash. Free Quotes.

Spring Break in South Carolina

Spring Break, Getting extra cash for your used boat in North Carolina!
The Boardwalk in Myrtle Beach SC is a top destination during Spring Break!

While people in the North are done celebrating the “Boating Solstice” folks in South Carolina are enjoying the Atlantic coast and all it has to offer. Winter in the Midwest is cold and miserable, but here in Carolina, we get to enjoy being outside in the nice weather for spring break.

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