Boating and Bad Weather

Boating and Bad Weather

What to watch out for before bad weather strikes

Bad Weather can change quickly and when you’re on a boat this matters. Thunderstorms, strong winter cold fronts, and large waves should cause any experienced sailor to be on alert. You have to keep your head up and pay attention to your surroundings and make sure that any changes in the weather won’t turn deadly. In Florida, you need to pay extra attention because the weather can change so rapidly. The best way to avoid potentially deadly weather conditions is to follow the following helpful suggestions:

  1. Always check weather conditions before going out. We recommend checking the weather reports the same week, the night before, then the day of. Weather can change at the drop of a hat and there is no sense in not being prepared
  2. Alert someone to your travel plans. This can be as simple as telling someone when you expect to be back, and where you’re planning on going.
  3. Make sure you stay on top of changing conditions. If you feel the wind picks up or changes direction, you may need to check-in. NOAA broadcasts weather reports via the “weather band” on channels 1-5 check these frequently if needed.
  4. Keep an eye on the horizon. If all else fails just keep your eyes peeled. If you see dark clouds starting to form, you can probably figure that there may be a weather change in sight. Keep your eyes peeled and on the horizon.
  5. Have enough life jackets on board. Not only is it required for safety checks, but it’s also good to know where your life jackets are in case of emergency. Practice with your crew if you must.
  6. Have an escape plan. If the worst were to happen, make sure you’re prepared for it. Always have a plan b and know how you’re going to execute it.
  7. Know what your craft can handle. If your boat was made for inland lakes and bayous, or was made for pleasure cruises know what your boat can handle. Don’t push your boat to its limits and always know when to call it.

Saying Goodbye To The Boat

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