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Need Extra Cash For The Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and we here at SellUsYourBoat are gearing up for the winter boat sales rush! We like to help people sell their used boats before the holidays every year, and this year is no exception! People are always looking for ways to earn extra cash for the holidays and getting quotes for their used boats is a great way to do it. It’s free and easy so you can get that extra cash for the holidays you need by selling us your used boat!  

Cash for the holidays
Sell your boat for the holidays!

Are you ready to hang up your captain’s hat for good? Purging things that drain money from your life can be a healthy habit. If you’re ready to be rid of the maintenance and cost your boat accumulates, we can help. If you don’t want the cost and the stress involved with owning a boat any longer and want to sell your used boat, we’ll buy it!

Sell Your Used Boat For Cash For the Holidays!

We know this time of year is stressful and having to deal with selling a used boat needs to be easy. That’s why we made a simple and easy system for selling your used boat. Simply fill in our easy online form and tell us all about your boat. We’ll buy your old boat from you so you can have a great holiday season and more money in your pocket.

Need a way to get your boat out of your garage? We can help with pickup. We’ll discuss logistics when a price is agreed upon.

So don’t delay, get your free quote for your used boat! All you have to do is fill out our free online form here. You simply tell us about your boat, and we’ll give you a quote. We give out free quotes for used boats in all parts of the country. We’ll travel and come to you. We’re frequently giving out quotes and picking up boats in Florida, California, all across the South,  and New England

Reasons Why Wearing a Life Jacket is Important

Life jackets are essential because they are designed to keep you from drowning in the water. That may seem to be obvious, but we’ve all heard stories of senseless tragedies. Some people think that since they’re in a boat, they don’t need a life jacket. However, this is not the case at all. Life jackets should be worn at all times while on a boat. Even in a small shallow pond that is only four foot deep, bad things can happen.

The Importance of a Life Jacket

Imagine this:

You and your friends decide to take a fishing trip on your brand new fishing boat. As your friend reels in the fish that they’ve caught, you notice that they’re leaning over the boat as it is moving. Suddenly, your friend goes overboard WITHOUT a life jacket on.

What do you do?

There are many reasons as to why you should wear a life jacket, but we’ll give you three:Life Jackets on a fishing boat

  • Life Jackets Saves Lives

Every year, hundreds upon hundreds are saved by life jackets. Whether it be from drowning, hypothermia, cardiac arrest or trauma, life jackets are generally the #1 reason for the many survivals.

  • Life Jackets Keep You Warm

What many people don’t know is, life jackets are customized to help keep our body temperatures warm while we’re out on the water. It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside, if you’re wearing a life jacket, it will act as an extra layering for you.

  • Life Jackets Can Literally Turn You Around

If you happen to fall into the water with a life jacket on, please do not panic. Life jackets are made to turn your body around the right way and in the right direction.

Boat Buyers in Florida

As you can see, life jackets are beneficial to the boating community. Although they can be bothersome, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Looking for boat buyers in Florida to take your fishing boat? We’ll take it off of your hands! Contact us today for more information.

We’ll Buy Boats For Hurricane Relief in Florida and Texas

Rebuilding after the hurricanes in Florida and Texas

Texas and Florida have been hit with two category four hurricanes in the same season for the first time in U.S. history. Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have caused countless amounts of damage and have ravaged the coasts of Florida and Texas.

While people return to their homes and start to rebuild, some have nothing to go back to. Also, we here at SellUsYourBoat want to help those in need in the greater Houston and Coastal Florida regions with the funds needed to rebuild their lives.

How SellUsYourBoat Can Help Hurricane Victims of Florida and Texas

If you or a loved one in Texas or Florida need extra cash after the hurricanes we can help. Here at Sell Us Your Boat we want to assist anyone in those states who are in need and want to sell their boat. We will buy old and new boats that have been lightly damaged by the Hurricanes. We’ll buy your old boat off you for cash that you need to recover after these horrible storms. We won’t scam you with holding fees or any other tricks that scam artists use. We’re here to help anyone who needs to sell their boat in the Texas coastal region and Florida coasts.  

We’ll travel to cities like Houston, Rockport, Victoria, Port Aransas, Lake Conroe, and Port Arthur to buy your used boat. While some of the bass boats may have been handy in the flooding, deep hull boat and yachts are a drain on your expenses. We can help you get the extra cash you need with a free quote for your boat.

We are more than willing to travel cities in Florida like Jacksonville, Miami, the Keys, St. Augustine, and Naples to buy your boat with minor damaged or new boats. The last thing you want to worry about right now is the expense of a boat. Let us take it off your hands and give you the extra cash you need right now after these terrible circumstances.

Finally, get your free quote today!