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Great Ports to Adventure to on the Great Lakes

Spring is here and it’s almost time to get the old boat out of hibernation. Parting was such sweet sorrow, but now we can rejoice in the fact that boating season is almost here! Here in Michigan we are lucky to enjoy the great lakes (and all the other little lakes in our state). If you’ve ever wanted to visit some of the great ports in the state, this is your year! We’ve made a list of some of the best port towns in the Lower Peninsula for you to take a day trip to! Lets begin!

Great Ports to Check Out This Summer

Great Ports - Old Mackinac lighthouse


Beautiful Mackinaw city, a place to go to get picturesque images everywhere you look. Clear waters and the city right by the bridge is a fun time. Go explore the island, check out the Grand Hotel, and visit Old Mackinac lighthouse.

Don’t forget to get fudge from this city! You’ll regret it if you don’t!  

Grand Haven Michigan

Grand haven is a cute little town that has been growing in the last few years to be a great big-little get away on the West coast of the state. This town has great local breweries, wonderful places to eat right on the canal, and at night the hills come alive with the musical fountain (a local favorite). If you can make it out during the Coast Guard Festival (July 29 – Aug 7th) , you won’t be let down! We recommend checking out Odd Side Ales for a drink, Pronto Pup for a snack, and  Get you
Great Ports to Adventure to on the Great Lakes

Traverse City Michigan

If you need a cool city that can keep up with you and your lifestyle, check out Traverse City! Local wineries, Sleeping bear dunes, and some of the most beautiful clear water you’ll find anywhere. Check out the annual Cherry Festival they host every year, it’s a local specialty! We recommend: Right Brain Brewery, Chef’s Inn, Slabtown Burger. Get some wine and don’t skip a cherry dessert…

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Sailing Key West

Sailing Key WestIf you need a break from some of Florida’s milder weather in the winter, why not finally take that sailing trip you’ve always wanted down to key West? The weather is nice, and since it’s so close you can take your time getting there, and enjoy the keys along the way!

In Key West we recommend going to A&B Marina, not only do they offer electrical services at every dock, but they can also accommodate ships up to 190 ft. in length but with a maximum beam of 24 ft. It’s located close to downtown, but make sure to book your slip in advance because spots fill up quickly. You’ll be close to the action, beaches, and other fun things that happen in the town!

Once you have your docking slip, it’s time to go down town! Make sure to check out the Cuban Coffee queen, stop and get an iced coffee. Trust us, it’s a local favorite and they use coffee ice cubes in your iced coffee!

Fun times in Sailing Key West!

From there you should check out other great attractions like the snorkeling tours, the golf courses, the restaurants and all the fun events going on! Every weekend something fun is going on, so why not check them out?

Our personal recommendation for a fun time in  Key West in the Fall, go check out Key West’s Fantasy Fest in October! It’s a crazy time, with costumes, bar hopping, non stop entertainment, and enthusiastic locals to boot!

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Boating and Bad Weather

Boating and Bad Weather

What to watch out for before bad weather strikes

Bad Weather can change quickly and when you’re on a boat this matters. Thunderstorms, strong winter cold fronts, and large waves should cause any experienced sailor to be on alert. You have to keep your head up and pay attention to your surroundings and make sure that any changes in the weather won’t turn deadly. In Florida you need to pay extra attention because weather can change so rapidly. The best way to avoid potentially deadly weather conditions is to follow the following helpful suggestions:

  1. Always check weather conditions before going out. We recommend checking the weather reports the same week, the night before, then the day of. Weather can change at the drop of a hat and there is no sense in not being prepared
  2. Alert someone to your travel plans. This can be as simple as telling someone when you expect to be back, and where you’re planning on going.
  3. Make sure you stay on top of changing conditions. If you feel the wind pick up or change direction, you may need to check in. NOAA broadcasts weather reports via the “weather band” on channels 1-5 check these frequently if needed.
  4. Keep an eye on the horizon. If all else fails just keep your eyes peeled. If you see dark clouds starting to form, you can probably figure that there may be a weather change in sight. Keep your eye’s peeled and on the horizon.
  5. Have enough life jackets on board. Not only is it required for safety checks, but it’s also good to know where your life jackets are in case of emergency. Practice with your crew if you must.
  6. Have an escape plan. If the worst were to happen, make sure you’re prepared for it. Always have a plan b and know how you’re going to execute it.
  7. Know what your craft can handle. If your boat was made for inland lakes and bayous, or was made for pleasure cruises know what your boat can handle. Don’t push your boat to it’s limits and always know when to call it.

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