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The Perfect Gift

Cash for Used Boat The Perfect Gift

Happy Holidays! Are you in need of the perfect gift for the avid boat lover in your life? Or do you need some last minute cash for the holidays? Then you’re in the right spot for giving the perfect gift of cash to yourself!

Giving The Perfect Gift This Holiday

We here at will buy that old boat off you for cash and help you have a more spending money this year. We can help you get that last minute cash that you need for the holidays so you can make this year one of the best years. Want to pay for the gift of a new boat? Or perhaps you want the cash to pay down those credit cards afterwards? We can help with that too! We can help you turn that asset into cash. But if you’ve owned a boat and live on or near the the water, then what could be better than getting out on a newer, bigger, and better boat? Not much (in our opinion).

We know that this time of year is one of the most stressful, so we’ve made this process as stress free as possible. The first way we did this was with our free online quote form. It’s quick and easy to fill out and requires zero commitment. You tell us all about your boat, fill in all the information fields and we come back with a price for you. Quick easy and painless.

Secondly we take care of all the shipping, travel, and other details with selling a boat. We come to you (or as close as we can to you) and we pack up everything. Our professionally trained team will make sure that everything is ready for shipping and make sure all lines are properly disconnected that need to be disconnected. 

So make your holiday season easier by using We’ve made it easy, so you can focus on other things. Click here for our free online quote form. 


Fishing Tarpon in the Florida Panhandle

Fishing Tarpon

Fishing Tarpon Around Florida

People say if there’s any fish worth fishing in Florida, it’s a Tarpon. Also, these fish are fast, they put up a good fight, and have said to be “Everything you could want in a fish”. Any avid fisherman will tell you, these are majestic fish that are as fun as they are unpredictable.

These fish require lead line that will hold up against how big these guys can get, we recommend any kind of line that is tested for over 30lbs. Live bait is recommended, but Tarpon have been known to bite large baitfish as well. If you’re on your fishing boat trolling we recommend using large spoons (spoon color will vary with sun conditions), large jiggs, and lipped plugs. Fly fishing (recommended) should utilize  streamers with scissor-action, and castors have had success with surface plugs and jerk plugs.  

These fish are known for jumping out of the water as you battle to get them to the boat, and have been seen jumping as high as 10 ft out of the water. It’s not uncommon for these fish to get over 7 ft. and over 100 lbs. Also, they mostly stick to shallow shores and close to land. Tarpon are one of the biggest fish that can be caught without the use of a boat. Although having a boat on the Gulf Coast in the Florida panhandle can be quite rewarding. Speaking of boats, if you have a fishing boat that you want to sell we are interested!

Selling Your Fishing Boat?

You many be wanting to get off the shore and onto a better fishing boat. If you want to either upgrade your fishing game. Also if you want to move over to a more “Sport ready” boat or watercraft, we are interested in buying your used watercraft. In addition, if you fish for Tarpon then you know the best time is in spring from around March to July.  Now maybe the time of year to sell your fishing boat anyway.  All you have to do is fill out our free online form here. Simply tell us all about the boat you’re trying to sell and we’ll give you a quote for it. Simple easy and quick.
So when you want to get into a better fishing league, look no further.

Winterization For Your Boat

winterizing my boat

Winterizing My Boat For Winter

It’s come again, that time of year when the seasons start to change and summer starts to disappear. It’s time to hang up your boating hat for the season. Also to get the boat ready for the brutal Michigan winter. If this is your first year owning a boat you may not understand the process that goes into getting your boat ready for hibernation, which is why we have written a few things to help you along the process of winterizing my boat.

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