Summer Boating is Coming

Sell Your Boat this Summer

Summer is coming fast and boat owners are poised to get out of the house and onto the water. Heading out on your boat in the Summer is what many people look forward to. However, with the current circumstances, opportunities for boating may be limited. Each state has different guidelines for boating and engaging in social activities this Summer. If you are in Michigan or Florida, this is the blog for you!

Summer Boating Situations By State

In most states, boating is still allowed. Unfortunately, there are some restrictions due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

  • Right now in Michigan, the use of motorized boats is allowed statewide as long as you are practicing social distancing and only boating with people within your own household. 
  • Boating is also allowed in Florida. However, you must maintain a distance of 50 feet from any other boats out on the water and can only carry up to 10 passengers at one time. 

These restrictions are currently in effect but may change later into the Summer as the quarantine rules change.

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