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Best Way to Sell Your Jet Ski

Best Way to Sell Your Jet Ski

Sell Us Your Boat is the best way to sell your jet ski! 

Driving a Personal Watercraft can be a thrilling and fun experience. PWC as they are known, allow riders to zip across the water, enjoying the summer sun and cool water. If you cannot afford a traditional boat, these watercraft are the perfect alternative. As a result, there is always a demand for Jet Skis, Waverunners, and Sea-Doos. But what is the best way to sell your jet ski?

Preparing to Sell Your Jet Ski

If you are planning to sell your used watercraft, there are a few things that you should have prepared before looking for a buyer. First of all, you need to find all the necessary documents. This includes:

  • Bill of sale
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Title
  • Proof of loan payoff
  • Trailer documents

In addition to these documents, you need to check the state of your PWC to see if it’s capable of running properly and if the features are intact. After you test the watercraft’s functionality, you should polish and clean your jet ski. It also might be a good time to do some initial research into your jet ski’s model and what the average price is for resale.

Sell Your PWC With Ease

If you are selling a used jet ski, there are only a few options. Some dealerships are willing to buy used Personal Watercraft. While selling to a dealership may seem easy, you’ll need to take it to them where they might not buy it or offer you too little.  The other option is to sell privately. Selling privately can be a hassle. In addition to advertising, there are meetings, negotiating prices, arranging pickup or delivery, and handling paperwork. Not to mention having to deal with test drives and other issues when closing a deal. Fortunately, you can sell your PWC with ease and avoid all of these hassles with a free quote request and a quick call from Sell Us Your Boat!

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Prepare Your Boat This Spring In Florida

Spring Boating in FloridaSpring is nearly here which means it’s time to tune up your boat and get it back on the water! Marinas all over the state of Florida is becoming more active and hectic in the face of warmer weather. Everyone wants to get back on the water as soon as possible. As such, boat owners all throughout the South are starting to clean their boats to make them ready for the waves. Whether you are excited about the boating season or looking to sell, Sell Us Your Boat can help you this spring!

Get Your Boat Ready This Spring

Boat owners have a lot to look forward to in the spring. From de-winterizing boats and getting them ready to go out on the water to baseball spring training, there is a lot going on this season. 

Before doing anything, you should de-winterize your boat. This ensures that your boat is safe and ready to use during the boating season after a long winter. Make sure you check the engine, fuel pump, and battery to ensure everything is in working order. Also, you should do some general maintenance and a clean-up before taking it out on the water. Then, you should find a marina to dock your boat. Securing a spot in the spring is the best time as space fills up quickly at the Florida docks.

Baseball Spring Training takes place in Jupiter, Florida this year so if you’re storing a boat at a marina in that area, you may see some Miami Marlins or St. Louis Cardinals out on the water! Some marinas in the area include; the Jupiter Yacht Club Marina, The Bluffs Marina, and the Loggerhead Marina.  Make a point to check out some of these marinas and the many boats that are docked there! 

Sell Us Your Boat in Florida

With the coming of warm weather comes a high demand for boats. The market heats up as the weather gets warmer which makes spring the best time to sell your boat. many people are looking to buy before the summer months to enjoy a longer boating season. Whether you’re in Jupiter for Spring Training or across the state relaxing in Fort Myers, you may be interested in selling your boat. We are interested in buying used fishing boats, center consoles, and walkarounds of any brand or model. Contact us today for a free quote and see what we can do for you!

Winter Comes To The East Coast

Winter Comes To The East Coast

Winter has hit the East coast in a huge way. Depending on where you live you may have seen up to two feet of snow. Unfortunately, during these harsh winter months, it is almost impossible to enjoy your boat. In addition, if you have no space to store your boat, storage fees can add up quickly. Instead, sell your used boat to Sell Us Your Boat for some winter cash!

Winter Damage

There are many ways that cold weather can wreak havoc on your boat. Do you store your boat on jack stands? High storm winds can blow over the boat causing some major damage. Another aspect to consider is how old are your tarps. Older torn tarps can let water in and pooling water over time can cause damage to the boat.

What about stanchions? Using stanchions to help cover your boat, but they are not built to withstand the weight of ice and snow. Also, people have used space heaters to keep their boats warm in the cold. Of course, this is a terrible idea and can possibly cause fires. These are just a few examples of how cold weather can really harm your boat.


Storing your boat for the winter is always a good idea. Especially if it is a good safe and dry place that will keep your boat safe. Some boat owners leave their boats in the water all year, but those are usually warm climate areas, if you do it on the East coast make sure to monitor the weather. Now all this storage and time can really add up.

If you are tired of all the hassles of storing and transporting your boat then it may be time to sell. Luckily for you, the experts at Sell Us Your Boat is always looking to buy boats. No matter the time of the year, we are always interested in your boat. Fill out our quote form today for a great quote on your used boat!