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Spring Break in South Carolina

Spring Break, Getting extra cash for your used boat in North Carolina!
The Boardwalk in Myrtle Beach SC is a top destination during Spring Break!

While people in the North are done celebrating the “Boating Solstice” folks in South Carolina are enjoying the Atlantic coast and all it has to offer. Winter in the Midwest is cold and miserable, but here in Carolina, we get to enjoy being outside in the nice weather for spring break.

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Wild Weather Affecting Boating

wild weather affecting boating

Wild weather is always affecting boating. For people living in the south and the southeast United States, it is a constant problem. In 2021, residents of the Atlantic coasts were treated to the third-most active hurricane season on record. In addition, the damages from this season cost more than $80 billion. Many boat problems arise after a hurricane touches the coast.

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