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Winter Comes To The East Coast

Winter Comes To The East Coast

Winter has hit the East coast in a huge way. Depending on where you live you may have seen up to two feet of snow. Unfortunately, during these harsh winter months, it is almost impossible to enjoy your boat. In addition, if you have no space to store your boat, storage fees can add up quickly. Instead, sell your used boat to Sell Us Your Boat for some winter cash!

Winter Damage

There are many ways that cold weather can wreak havoc on your boat. Do you store your boat on jack stands? High storm winds can blow over the boat causing some major damage. Another aspect to consider is how old are your tarps. Older torn tarps can let water in and pooling water over time can cause damage to the boat.

What about stanchions? Using stanchions to help cover your boat, but they are not built to withstand the weight of ice and snow. Also, people have used space heaters to keep their boats warm in the cold. Of course, this is a terrible idea and can possibly cause fires. These are just a few examples of how cold weather can really harm your boat.


Storing your boat for the winter is always a good idea. Especially if it is a good safe and dry place that will keep your boat safe. Some boat owners leave their boats in the water all year, but those are usually warm climate areas, if you do it on the East coast make sure to monitor the weather. Now all this storage and time can really add up.

If you are tired of all the hassles of storing and transporting your boat then it may be time to sell. Luckily for you, the experts at Sell Us Your Boat is always looking to buy boats. No matter the time of the year, we are always interested in your boat. Fill out our quote form today for a great quote on your used boat!


Winterization For Your Boat

winterizing my boat

Winterizing My Boat For Winter

It’s come again, that time of year when the seasons start to change and summer starts to disappear. It’s time to hang up your boating hat for the season. Also to get the boat ready for the brutal Michigan winter. If this is your first year owning a boat you may not understand the process that goes into getting your boat ready for hibernation, which is why we have written a few things to help you along the process of winterizing my boat.

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